Goals for e minor academy of music

Having a clearly defined goal is a powerful and motivating force! At e minor academy of music I strive for my students to develop in skill and repertoire in a modern, innovative and supportive environment.


My wish is for this academy to be used as a means for students to grow in skill and confidence and to find real satisfaction and enjoyment in learning a musical instrument.  

Music is my passion.  I want to be remembered as an inspiring teacher with a legacy of wonderfully skilled students and musicians.  So far, I am incredibly proud of all my pupils and I most certainly could not ask for a better, more lovely group! 

Here's to many more adventurous and marvellous years ahead as musicians! 

     - Ruth Kulakoff, Director



9am - 9pm

7 days a week



1/20 Canterbury Drive

Salisbury Heights

© 2017 by e minor academy

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