Music is my favourite thing in this world! It is a universal language that is fun , challenging ,expressive and brings people together! 

Teaching at e minor is so exciting as I'll be able to share my passion and help others find theirs!


Annabel - teacher

I think learning piano is really fun. I like it. it's something I'm going to continue!

Elly-May, 8 - piano student

Learning to sing at e minor is a great experience. I have come very far, increasing my vocal range beyond what I thought I would be able to achieve.

Pearce, 25 - vocal student

I love that I chose to teach because I'm able to be apart of the students musical journey and also watching them develop skills and read music no matter what age they decide to start! As well, many people have told me that they like the set up of the studio. Parents/siblings have their own area to wait with a nice couch or even have the convenience of being able to pop over to the coffee shop next door while we go on with the lesson.  


Amy - teacher


I really enjoy learning the violin at e minor as it gives me the chance to learn an instrument that I love, as well as having loads of fun at the same time!


Onoseje, 12 - violin student



My only association with music other than listening was a couple of years learning piano in my school years.   I had given up any thought of playing an instrument but always wanted to play the violin or at least know how it made that beautiful sound. My first lesson was in 2008 and am amazed at the level I've achieved since then.  I've been encouraged to attempt pieces i thought i would never play, supported and assisted when it all looked too hard. To be part of our orchestra or play in a small group was way out of my plans. The level of talent I have observed as well as my own progress is amazing and is due to Ruth's diligence and encouragement.  We are now seeing the next generation of teachers and I feel very proud to be in their company.

My violin is a family heirloom and is 107 years old.

Rhonda - adult violin student



Teaching here at e minor has been such a wonderful experience. It is a nice space to be in, and I truly do love teaching and interacting with my students.

Connie - teacher



Starting instrumental lessons as an adult was daunting, but I am so glad I did. Under the instruction of Ruth, my children and I have found joy and wonder in learning music. I would thoroughly endorse e minor!

Deb - adult violin student


‘e minor’ has given me the challenge I always needed in my life. Cello will always be with me.

Holly – adult cello student



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